2010 SongStudio Contest Winner

We’re right in the middle of a contest for a free tuition to SongStudio. This is not the first time I have held a contest like this.

The 2010 SongStudio scholarship winner was an extremely talented 14-year-old named Kristen T. Clark. Here’s what she said about the experience:

Kristen shreddingSongStudio was life changing for me. I was introduced to and welcomed into the professional songwriting community and I made lifetime friendships there. My outlook on the music industry and the songwriting process changed for the better and I gained confidence in my skills. The writing critiques were invaluable and gave me a new perspective to consider my songs hidden potential. Peter’s scholarship made this all possible for me and I am grateful that another songwriter will benefit from his generosity!”
-Kristen T. Clark

One of the highlights for Kristen is that she got to workshop her songs with one of her guitar idols, Rik Emmett. Below is a video of Kristen playing a song with Rik and the other amazing musicians at the SongStudio showcase at Hugh’s Room on the Thursday night of SongStudio in 2010. The band has never heard the song before.

Music starts at 3:40.


Author: Peter Benes

Ui Designer and Songwriter in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

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